It not just another social network!

Oueactive (Que), is a multinational brotherhood with social platform. We are here for uniting our positive efforts to change and reform our communities, through sporty and energetic activities; where we can share only the best of us and being a good example for others. From there, we will take our activities through different events, competitions, championships, and we might arrange some of it for Oueactive (Que) members only as well. There is no place for all kind of sectarianism, racism, religious persecution and political and national partying. By subscribing to our community, you will be then a Oueactive (Que) brother/sister member instantly, and share millions around the globe to bring peace and unity. It is time to put your fingerprint on life.


Oueactive (Que)  is a social network for sports, athlete and energetic activities, we connect people all over the world through sports. Here, you will find tones of authentic sporty information prepared and provided by athletic experts, you will be able to reach and discuss sports super stars anywhere and anytime with no boundaries and no limitations, you may create your own league and support your team, you may share photos and videos, write articles, analyze games and matches, get involve with hottest sporty events from all over the globe; and the really interesting thing we offer you is that Que works under "Admin Code", which means that in order to reduce information chaos; there will be numbers of well-known athletic names who will work as administrators all over our website and applications just to make sure that every piece of information exchanged is correct.


1) Our Environment

We provides comprehensive , fully integrated and most sophisticated social networking tools that allows sports fans and athletes from all over the globe to communicate and contact together interactively with no consideration for distance and time, also; Oueactive (Que) considered as fertile platform for sharing sporty videos and photos and to keep up to date with latest sporty broadcasts and upcoming events from all over the world.

In order to strengthen the communication between people in our network, and to rise to the level of the most respected and fully functioned social networks today; we have provide full package of communication tools and functions that allow our members to interact and communicate within fast, secure and interactive methods.


2) Our Platforms

1.The Web Portal:

Where you can browse and access to our responsive web portal using your desktop computer , laptop, and mobile device using familiar internet browsers.

2.Mobile Apps.:

We make it easy for you to reach Que anywhere and everywhere through your mobile phone, here you can find the primary tools that you need to access your profile and page, and stay in touch with others. It is combatable with the most important mobile platforms: IOS and Android, our social apps are available in Apple Store and Google Play.

3.Tablet Apps.

We have decided to make it more flexible and much easier to you, if you are a tablet machine user; now you can download Que Social App from Apple Store and Google Play.


3) Oueactive (Que) for Business

Sports sector is the number one concernable and attractive topic with very high attention attracting all over the world, and that gives sports fans the highest average of internet usage today. Since we are concentrating in attracting sports fans from all over the globe to our environment; that can give you very good chance to promote and advertise your business, products and services with us and let it reach for the majority of internet users today.

By one single submission click to your Ad on Oueactive (Que), we will be able to reach every sporty internet user through his computer and laptop, his mobile, his smartphone and tablet machine.

We can help  you create your own Ad campaign that suite your budget easily and in no time. For more information, we are happy to receive your concerns at:


Learn about secure and protected environment by visiting “Terms” page.



Que Team
February 25, 2018